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A BITCO single body PDC drill bit gets to the bottom of things.
Our Story

A little about us.

It all starts at the bit. From cutters to hydraulic configuration, and flute profile to gauge support. There can be no compromises. It just needs to work.

Fortunately, we're far from being new to the bit business. With more than 50 years of combined drilling experience, it's fair to say we've 'been there done that', and know exactly what it takes to get to TD.

We're ready to show you exactly what we're made of, and how we can help you get to the bottom of things.


The perfect recipe.

Engineered and manufactured via computerized design and CNC milling ensures precision and consistency.
Unique converging spiral design and non-symmetrical model provides maximum cut, steerability, and durability.
Enhanced gauge protection with optional backream capability and protection.
Velocity and Directional control of fluid across flutes and cutters maximizes cooling and enhances cleaning.
Blade and cutter torque compensation characteristics mitigate imbalanced loading and enhance stability.
A tough, standard hex breaker incorporated directly into the shank ensures positive contact.

We get to the bottom of things.

Plenty of field records...we just don't like to brag.


Impressive penetration rates no matter what section of hole.

Maximum Shear

World-class cutter technology means ultimate shear capability.


Cutter and gauge durability with effective debris management.

Fast Verticals

From top hole to TD with no coffee breaks.

Precise Builds

Predictable directional control means perfect doglegs.

Smooth Horizontals

Lateral stability from short to extended length runs.

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Safety & Quality

Health, safety, and quality control

Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and customers, and the consistent quality of our products.

SECOR Certified

Fully-certified and auditable, we celebrate a perfect safety record.

Employee BitPro Certification

An internal competency and quality program ensures product consistency.

Driver Safety Program

A company-wide no-distraction policy ensures maximum safety on the road.

Perfect Gauge

Extensive protection measures result in consistent gauge and hole size.

Optimal TFA Configuration

Effectitive debris management to ensure cuttings are evacuated quickly.

Bullet-Proof Hardfacing

We want the bit to look as good coming out of the hole as it did going in.

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